Update March 2018

Building C-D

The two blocks for C and D are now in the final of the construction stages with making good and cleaning to the rooms as well as the preparation for the arrival of the furniture for the rooms.

To the corridors, the cleaning process is now underway with painting touch up and making good to ceilings, walls, floors and stairs.

The pools are being worked on and is ongoing and it will be not long before the pools can be filled and tested.

The final stages of the electrical, water testing commissioning are being processed and shortly hopefully be completed.

Building F

To block F the works are really progressing well with now all floors complete with the Q – Con panel walling  and to the first 2 floors the electrical and plumbing is virtually complete and the upper floors are progressing very well so is the skim coating to the walls.

Most of the works are being concentrated to the internal areas to the rooms the works to the corridors are Mep, first fix electrical and plumbing with conduits and piping to the ceilings and shafts.

The first fix works for the air conditioning are also ongoing

To the stairwells all the concreting is complete. Overall the works are proceeding well on schedule.


The structural works to the main buildings and the swimming pools are complete and the piping for first fix for the plumbing to main house and pools are getting done.

The block works have also begun and ongoing. Over all progress is good.


The structural works to the new villa are complete and now the Q con walling is ongoing.

The steel roof structure has been placed as well as the OSB boarding and roof of Canadian timber shingles have been installed.

Other works ongoing to the new build is the electrical and plumbing being followed up with the AC piping.

To the existing villas the redesign works are ongoing and not to far from completing.

Club House

The works to the club house now have the block works complete as well as most of the internal and external rendering to the walls will be finished soon.

The electrical system is ongoing and soon the ceilings, tiling and external doors will follow. Works progressing.

Update February 2018

Weather, Good during the day rain and cooling weather in the evenings

Here is the update for the Beachfront project for February 2018.

As the owners have been informed and the response for them to come inspect Mid April onwards has been very good for the completion of all the units to be ready for handover for blocks C and D.

Building C-D

The on going works to C and D are now the final stages to the rooms are getting done with the furniture works nearly completed and the main contractor is now doing the making good as well as the testing of the air conditioning,

Water and electrical works and next 2 months will see the fridges and bedding installed with a final clean up and the testing of the swimming pool.

Building F

The works to block F is moving at a rapid pace due to using our fast track methods of pre-cast concreting and Q-con wall panels which have excellent sound proofing and fire protection qualities.

Now all floors are having the panels installed as well as the plumbing, AC works and electrical works ongoing and shortly the ceiling framing we begin for the fixing of the ceilings to the units.


The structural works are well under way with the footings, ground slabs, columns and beams on going.


The new villa being built is also progressing well with the structural and block works in progress as well as the plumbing works.

Club House

The block works are near completion as well as plumbing and electrical works moving on the rendering is also in progress so all areas of construction are progressing as we should wish for and looking forward to the completion of all works.


Update January 2018

Building C-D

The furniture works are still ongoing and gradually room by room and block D is slightly progressing more than block C

As the furniture works are being completed the painting and making good are following behind and being completed room by room

For the MEP works ( plumbing, electrical, A/c, lifts ) these are all in progress and co ordinated by the main contractors and the Mep engineers from Blue Horizon commissioning and testing are also ongoing

External works
The external areas are receiving the final coats of paint and the pool tiling as well as the granite pool coping are ongoing

Building F

The sub structure of the block F is fully complete and only the 4th flight of stairs needs to be fixed and poured which will be completed very shortly

The first fix plumbing which includes all waste and main supply pipes are being installed

The Q con light weight wall panels are now up to the 3rd floor the works to block F are really moving using this fast track construction method


The construction to the villa the structural works are nearly completed and the plumbing piping is also in progress and the block work walls will be ongoing

Club House

The structural works are now complete with the plumbing piping , electrical first fix conduits being installed the block works are well into progress and the setting out and rendering is also under way

Update December 2017

Building A-B

The progress to the project is still moving on well with minor defects to blocks A and B and making good here and there .
The car parking area is as mentioned before being used for staff parking and the white dividing lines have been painted in
The majority of the making good is to the external areas Ie; painting walls and adding more landscaping
To the basement area the offices and storage areas are complete with the area being used for storage for spare furniture  and items for construction such as air conditioning units so they do not get damaged

Building C-D

The furniture works are at 80% complete to all rooms and works ongoing to mainly the wardrobes and wall panels with the kitchens are now completed with only minor making good to be done.
To the outer areas the pool tiling and top edge of the pool being in granite are progressing .
All doors and windows have been installed including lower floor corridor.
For the MEP works plumbing, electrical, lifts, Internet system are all ongoing and under control with our engineers working closely with the main contractors we hope to have full power there shortly.
The tiling to the fire stairs are ongoing and are being worked floor by floor.
To the 1st floor the piping works for the plumbing are ongoing with the Q con wall panels near completion for the bathrooms.
To the 2nd floor piping works will be placed into position and then the wall panels will begin this will be a floor by floor process until all the works are complete

Building F

The structural works to block F have really moved with works on schedule despite some unpleasant weather with the works progressing up to the 4th floor slab and now that has been poured and now the steel fixing for the columns to connect to the roof slab then the structural works to the main frame will be complete.
To the 1st floor the piping works for the plumbing are ongoing with the Q con wall panels near completion for the bathrooms to the 2nd floor piping works will be placed into position and then the wall panels will begin this will be a floor by floor process until all the works are complete.

Building Villas and X suites

The villa works are now coming out of the ground which include the water tank and once out of the ground the works can speed up and the ground beams have also been poured the X suites are planned to begin to do the footings shortly.

Club house 

The club house structural works are complete and now the infill block works and dividing walls will start.

Update November 2017

The progress of works has continued to improve and the works are on schedule to complete on time for the structural works.

The slab for the 4th floor will be poured tomorrow (Tuesday 28th November) with all the steel fixing and plumbing pipe works for waste, soil and main water locations through the slab

The 4th floor roof slab is due to have the concrete poured mid December

Other works going on are now Q-Con light weight wall panels for the dividing and bathroom walls as well the Pipe works for waste and main waters in summary the progress is on schedule and on target

Update November2017

Building A-B

The landscaping has been done along the road side and it really adds that nice finishing touch.
Other works include final tweaking and with all the outside furniture delivered its all but done

Building C-D

The total kitchen works are virtually complete with just going through the final adjustments and the furniture works following behind and then are the main cons doing the final coat of painting to the rooms floor by floor and that will be followed up by the snagging works
External areas include works to the swimming pools.

Electrical and plumbing to the main supplies are also in progress.

Building F

The structural post tension works are now moving onto the 3rd floor and glad to report ahead of schedule works ongoing.

Villa & Club House

Villa 2
Refurbish works are underway and near completion and should be completed shortly.
Villa 1
Now under construction with the footings and the pool slab and walls being construction with the good weather good progress is being made

Update October 2017

Building A-B

The final finishing touches are now being done for blocks A, B and the rooms completed with the maids now cleaning the rooms and some very minor making good being done as some minor things do get missed and our aim is to do the best we can to improve and the rooms are being aired and clean constantly with water and electrics being turned on to keep the rooms in good condition

The swimming pool is looking good and ready to go

The car parking is now totally complete and being used by suppliers and remaining sub cons

The offices and storerooms are all done and in summary to blocks A and B it’s just the final tweaking being done

Building C-D

For C and D the furniture and kitchens for both blocks will be totally installed with in the next couple of weeks and now we still have the continuation of the works to the corridors and general making good this will take a good few weeks then we will start the snagging which will continuing room by room not to cause a delay in time

Building F

The post tension is moving along nicely with the first slab poured and now the columns and the 2nd floor slab will be poured in around 2 weeks time as post tension is much quicker then the traditional method

Update September 2017

Building A-B

The works for the A,B for all the rooms are complete with some very minor corrections required.
For the external areas all making good is virtually complete with now just making sure everything is working how it should be for the water, power, fire alarms, lifts, Internet, TV systems.

Building C-D

The installation of the built in furniture are still on going and getting closer to completion floor by floor.
Tiling to the stair cases are progressing as well is the painting works and continuation of the pool works which also include pool pumps filter systems and for also MDB electrical works and water systems.

Building F

Block F has been demolished and cleared
The post tension works are now underway for the first floor and the first floor slab will be poured end of next week and all floors all going well will be completed before the end of November or sooner.
To the lower floor the rooms and been block built with internal walls rendered.


The lobby all but a few minor snags have been completed.

Update August 2017

Building A-B

Over the past few weeks we have been completing the handover process of blocks A and B which has generally worked out very well.
There is only the external defects to complete to the external areas and the final commissioning of the Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) works and blocks A and B will be almost complete.

Building C-D

Blocks C and D is progressing with the installation of the the kitchens and furniture works as well as working on the corridors and external works.

Building F

Block F the structural works are now complete to the 1st floor pool level and shortly the post tension structural works to the remaining floors will begin.

Building LOBBY

The lobby area is also nearly complete and we expect to finish in the next few weeks the internal works to the lobby.

Update July 2017

Building A-B

With the Handover inspection for the Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) works of the air conditioning, water including hot water and all the electrics and lighting and for handover for rental program. It has been busy with many of the owners coming themselves or sending owners representatives to do the room inspections to blocks A and B.
External snagging is ongoing and the lifts are being commissioned as all systems go for blocks A and B, and not only that the car park is now operational as well as that the offices and other rooms are very close to completion for the Best Western staff.

Building C-D

To blocks C and D the main works ongoing are the kitchens and the built in furniture works. Yet there are continuation of tiling, plumbing, ceilings and air conditioning.

Building F


The works to the lobby area are also well underway to completion of the reception area.

Villas and Club House

The club house will also speed up and the structural works are ongoing

Update June 2017

Building A-B

Both blocks are very close to completion this is also includes the extra works required by Best Western. As we got the opportunity to increase the skilled labour to the built in furniture works and this also means the bed mattresses, sofas and TVs can be added to the rooms sooner than anticipated.
There are still some external works to be completed, which have been heavily hampered by the persistent rain we have been having in Phuket as the weather improves we do our best to complete what we can.

Mid to end of June will see handover of the rooms in which some owners will come to inspect there rooms and complete the handover process.

Only the terrace area to the swimming pool remains to be completed.

The car parking underground to block B is now completed as are the offices and other areas to the basements of A and B.

Building C-D

The progress is moving on very well with all internal tiling and painting complete to all the rooms and now the kitchens and built-in furniture are ongoing.
The corridors ceilings are being completed floor by floor as well as the floor tiling has began.

The swimming pool is also near completion.

Building F

The extra strengthening to the footings and columns are near completion the post tension slabs can start shortly.
The water retention tanks are structurally completed.



Update May 2017

The works have progressed with the morjority of the works being to blocks A and B.

As requested by Best western there will be addition works which will vastly improve the looks of the rooms as the hotel will be upgraded to a Best western prime hotel.

We have also just had Thai New Year which the festival sees many of the workers on holiday for around 7 days.

The works are an upgrade in the furniture works to each of the rooms and have already began.

To the external areas the underground car parking and office areas are near completion.

The pool area is also near completion and with the defects in progress to the rooms which will be completed very soon.

To blocks C and D the internal works which include tiling built in furniture and next week the kitchen installation.

The works for F block the issue has now been concluded and the works are now in progress.

The clubhouse structure is moving and progressing which is all good news.

Building A-B

Building C-D

Retention Pond

Road way

Update April 2017

The progress at The Beachfront to all areas up to this stage are as followed:
The 1st phase, blocks A and B are moving into the real finishing stages.
The 2nd phase blocks C and D are coming along nicely.
The lobby works are also ongoing and waiting for the delivery of materials which has caused a minor delay.

To block F the structural works are on going with the lower columns poured and now awaiting the post tension team to be organised and plan to begin the post tension works for the structures.

For the clubhouse the sheet piling is completed and the structural works are ongoing.

The Beachfront by night

Update March 2017

Update March 2017
The works are for all areas are ongoing well with the weather in our favor with the main contractor adding extra labour to work on the exterior and external areas of the project

To blocks A and B with most of the internal works completed with just some furniture works to the lower levels now the works are consisting of testing and commissioning to the electrical, plumbing, AC and lifts we are also concentrating on the room by room defects to both internal and external areas and once the external scaffold is taken down to the pool areas then the pool can be filled with water and the pool can be commissioned and will be ready for use

This final process is very important for the final hand over and will be carried so it’s completed correctly

To blocks C and D to the internal works there are the installation of the toilets,sinks and bathroom fittings as well as electrical works and AC installation to the upper floors with painting works following up.
There are the final structural works to the stairs

To the lower floors there are ceiling works. Tiling and installation of external doors and windows as well as internal doors ongoing

Corridors to both blocks will start shortly being ceilings and tiling

To the external works to both blocks the glass for the terraces are near completion.
The skim coat ( fine coat plaster ) is ongoing so as is the external painting

To the pool the block work dividing walls concrete works including plumbing and water proofing to floors and walls

The road works will commence shortly but now the waste water tanks structural works are ongoing

To the lobby the ceiling,tiling and as well electrical to the internals to the external the sand wash
rendering, painting stair ways as well as road leveling and landscaping planing are proceeding

Update February 2017

Building F

Very pleased to announce that we finally cut through all the red tape and the construction works are no ongoing with the structural works, with the clearing, moving of the offices survey teams doing all the re-setting out and the steel fixing to the columns underway and looking good

The following stage we be the form works to the columns and the pouring of the concrete which will then lead onto the 1st floor slab which will be a post tension slab which is a form of construction where it is a faster form of construction with less beams being a greater area which you will see in the upcoming updates from the photos in will issue

Progress is continuing to both blocks A, B and C and D as well as the lobby with great progress to the external areas as now the prolonged rains seem to be finally over which has caused some further delays but making up for it now

For blocks C and D which the works are ongoing is mainly the electrical installations to each floor and as well as the AC being installed, sanitary wares, granite counters to the bathrooms, floor tiling, painting to walls, installing the entry doors and soon to begin will be the kitchens

To A,B the finishing off to the furniture works and now testing and commissioning and the defects works to be done so all ongoing to the external areas painting walls and the screening and Sand wash to the terrace area

To the lobby ceiling upper floor and walls complete and works progressing to the lower floor and outside areas

The road and landscaping will start soon

Update January 2017

Building A-B

now the internal works are getting closer to completion with kitchens that are 95% complete to both blocks A and B as well as the built in furniture is moving on

To the external areas painting is now virtually complete and the external screening will begin in the next week or so

Building C-D

the works progressing are to the internal areas to the upper floors the electrical works, Ceilings, floor and wall tiling to the rooms are complete and to the lower floors the electrical, ceiling , floor and wall tiling is well underway for the external areas the painting to the external walls the doors and window and external tiling to the corridors the plumbing and electrical works are in progress

Update December2016

Building A-B

The internal works being of the final furniture fit our for blocks A and B are progressing well with the final defects on going to the upper floors and working down and in the new year the swimming pool will be filled with water and the final testing will commence

Building C-D

To blocks C and D the external works are moving very well as no further delays due the heavy rains from the previous months

For the internal areas the electrical installations are almost complete as well for the plumbing works

The Ceiling works for inside the units are also coming on very well as also the tiling to walls and floors

The villa is now complete and new year more to commence

Update Novembre 2016

Lobby Blocks A & B

The lobby works are now at the walls being rendered and all the final interior design has been chosen and in process

Blocks A & B

With most of the external works completed and now all doors and windows have been installed and the pool tiling works getting there its really taking shape.
For the internal works all the interior design works in full swing with all the kitchens installed and the furniture fit out also near completion and with testing and commissioning to go then be followed up by the final defects stages

Blocks C & D

External works are on the way through both blocks block works, rendering with the electrical 1st fix followed by the plumbing and air conditioning to all levels
The upper levels are the most advanced with the ceilings, wall and floor tiling ongoing and going through level by level
External doors and windows are now being installed a good rate of pace for these blocks and being well supervised

Update October 2016

Building A & B

Both blocks A and B are running at the same pace with the ongoing finishing works.
– The tiling is now complete to almost all levels to the internal areas ( rooms ) and with the tiling to the external areas underway and be completed in the near future as all the external ceilings are complete with the installation of the moisture resistant ceilings plumbing and installation of the electrical fittings and painted
– The lifts have also been installed and now the fire hoses, cabinets are also being installed these works are really moving on
– The safety glass to the balconies have been installed and most of the external painting to the original drawings are now complete
– The steps to the pools have been built and the tiling is on going this has been hampered by the heavy monsoon rains which should clear up next month and the contractor will add extra teams to catch up for lost time
– The only areas where are slightly behind is the end rooms but these will soon be complete
– For both blocks A and B internal works are at the installation of the kitchens and the built in furniture which is mostly completed and now the main building contractors is being issued with the snagging lists room by to get the snagging completed and to move on to the hand over stage

Update September 2016

Building C & D

Blocks C and D are working in sync that both blocks are at the stage of progress.
– Structural works are complete
– The external and internal block works to both blocks are now complete and the internal and external walls are being plastered to floors 3 and 4 and setting out and preparation to floors 1 and 2
– All plumbing works being mains hot and cold water, waste and soil vent are complete this is as well that 80% of the air conditioning works are also done
– Finishing works which are now well under way are the tiling to the bathroom walls and tiling to floors well in progress with the ceilings to all floors starting from 4th to 1st floors
– The external doors and windows are also underway and will not be long until completed

Update August 2016

Building A & B
Building A Internal – Air conditioning units installed, Ceilings installed, Painting & Sanitary works on going, Entrance doors installed.
Building A External – Terrace ceilings installed, Terrace wall tiling complete, Terrace floor tiling on going, Rendering external walls.
Building B Internal – Bathroom ceilings complete, Built in furniture installation on going, Sanitary being installed, Ac installed, Entrance doors on going.
Building B External – Terrace doors and windows installed, Terrace wall tiling complete, Pool area-Steel fixing and concrete poured to steps and terrace.