The Beachfront: Project Updates for 2017

Update for December 2017

Blocks A & B

The progress to the project is still moving on well with minor defects and making good here and there.

The car parking area is as mentioned being used for staff parking. The white dividing lines have been painted in.

The majority of the making good still required is for the external areas, i.e., painting walls and landscaping.

For the basement area, the offices and storage areas are complete. The area is being used for storage of spare furniture and items for construction, such as air conditioning units, so they do not get damaged.

Blocks C-D

The furniture works are now 80% complete for all rooms. Ongoing works are mainly wardrobes and wall panels. Kitchens are now complete, with only minor making good left to be done.

Granite tiling to the outer areas and top edge of the pool is progressing.

All door and window installations have been completed, including the lower floor corridor.

For the MEP works, plumbing, electrical, lifts, and internet systems are all ongoing. Our engineers are working closely with the main contractors. We hope to have full power shortly.

Fire stairs tiling is ongoing, being worked on floor by floor.

Piping works and plumbing to the 1st floor is ongoing. Q-Con wall panels are near completion for the bathrooms.

For the 2nd-floor piping, works will be placed into position, and then the wall panels will begin. The process will continue, floor by floor, until all works are complete.

Block F

The structural works to Block F have moved along well, with works on schedule despite some unpleasant weather. With the works progressing up to the 4th-floor slab which has now been poured.  Steel fixing for the columns to connect to the roof slab required, then the structural works to the mainframe will be complete.

The 1st-floor plumbing piping works are ongoing. Q-Con wall panels are near completion for the bathrooms. The 2nd-floor piping works will be placed into position and then the wall panels will begin. This will be a floor-by-floor process until all works are complete.

Villas and X Suites

The villa works are now coming out of the ground, inclusive of the water tank. Once out of the ground the works can speed up. Ground beams have been poured.

X Suite footings work is planned to begin shortly.


The structural work for the Clubhouse is complete.

Infill blockwork and dividing walls will now start.

Update November 2017

Works progress has continued to improve. Structural work is now on schedule for timely completion.

The slab for the 4th floor will be poured tomorrow (Tuesday 28th November), with all the steel fixing and plumbing pipe works for waste, soil and main water locations set throughout the slab.

The concrete pour for the 4th-floor roof slab is scheduled for mid-December.

Other current works are Q-Con lightweight wall panels for the dividing and bathroom walls, as well the pipe works for waste and main waters. Progress is on target.

Update November 2017

Blocks A & B

Roadside landscaping is complete. It adds that nice finishing touch.

Other works include final tweaking, and with all the outside furniture delivered, it’s all but done.

Blocks C & D

The kitchen works are virtually complete, are just going through the final adjustments. The furniture works are following behind and then the main construction workers are completing final paintwork to each room floor by floor. This will be followed by the snagging works.

Ongoing work to external areas includes the swimming pools.

Mains supply electrical and plumbing works are also in progress.

Block F

Structural post tension works are now moving on to the 3rd floor.

Glad to report ahead of schedule that works are ongoing.

Villa & Clubhouse

Villa 2
Refurbishment works are underway and should be completed shortly.

Villa 1
Now under construction, with the footings, the pool slab and walls works are ongoing. With good weather, steady progress is being made.

Update October 2017

Blocks A & B

The final finishing touches are now underway for blocks A & B. The rooms just have some very minor making good being done. The maids are now cleaning the rooms to ensure the rooms are being aired and cleaned continuously, with water and electrics being turned on to keep the rooms in good condition.

The swimming pool is ready to go.

Car parking is now totally complete and being used by suppliers and remaining sub-cons.

Offices and storerooms are all done, it’s just the final tweaking to complete now.

Blocks C & D

The furniture and kitchens for both blocks will be totally installed within the next couple of weeks.

Continuation of the works to the corridors and general making good will be ongoing for a good few weeks, which will start and continue room by room, so as not to cause a delay.

Block F

The post-tension is moving along nicely. The first slab has been poured.

The columns and the 2nd-floor slab are on schedule to be poured in around 2 weeks’ time as post-tension is much quicker than the traditional method.

Update September 2017

Blocks A & B

The works for blocks A & B are complete with just some very minor corrections required.

For the external areas, making good is virtually complete, we’re now just making sure everything is working as it should be for water, power, fire alarms, lifts, internet, and TV systems.

Blocks C & D

The installation of the built-in furniture is still ongoing and getting closer to completion, floor by floor.

Tiling to the staircases is progressing well, as is the painting works and continuation of the pool works, which also includes pool pumps, filter systems, and MDB electrical and water systems works.

Block F

Block F has been demolished and cleared.

The post-tension works are now underway for the first floor. The first-floor slab will be poured at the end of next week.

All floors are going well & are expected to be completed before the end of November.

The lower floor rooms are block built, with internal walls rendered.


All but a few minor snags have been completed.

Update August 2017

Blocks A & B

Over the past few weeks, we have been completing the handover process for blocks A and B, which has generally worked out very well.

There are only the external defects to complete, and the final commissioning of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) works before blocks A and B will be almost complete.

Blocks C & D

Blocks C and D are progressing with the installation of the the kitchens and furniture works.

Corridors and external works are ongoing.

Block F

Structural works are now complete to the 1st-floor pool level.

Post tension structural works to the remaining floors will begin shortly.


The lobby area is nearly complete.

We expect to finish internal lobby works in the next few weeks.

Update July 2017

Blocks A & B

With handover inspections it has been busy with many of the owners coming themselves or sending owners representatives to do the room inspections to blocks A and B.

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) works of air conditioning, water, including hot water, and all the electrics and lighting are being completed for handover for the rental program.

External snagging is ongoing. Lifts are being commissioned as all systems go for blocks A & B.

The car park is now operational.

Offices and other rooms for Best Western staff are very close to completion.

Blocks C & D

The main ongoing works are kitchens and built-in furniture.

Tiling, plumbing, ceilings and air conditioning work is also ongoing.

Block F


Work to the lobby area is well underway.

Completion of the reception area is imminent.

Villas & Clubhouse

Structural work is ongoing.

The Clubhouse works are expected to speed up soon.

Update June 2017

Blocks A & B

Both blocks are very close to completion, inclusive of the extra works required by Best Western.

We increased the skilled labor contingent to the built-in furniture works, meaning that beds, mattresses, sofas, and TVs can be added to the rooms sooner than anticipated.

There are still some external works to be completed. These have been heavily hampered by the persistent rain we have been having in Phuket. As the weather improves we will complete more.

From mid-June to the end of June, we will see the handover of the rooms. Some owners will come to inspect their rooms and complete the handover process.

Only the terrace area to the swimming pool remains to be completed.

Underground car parking for Block B is now completed.

Offices and other basement areas for blocks A & B are also complete.

Blocks C & D

The project is moving on very well. All internal tiling and painting is complete for all rooms.

Kitchen and built-in furniture works are ongoing.

Corridor ceilings are being completed floor by floor.

Floor tiling has began.

The swimming pool is also near completion.

Block F

The extra strengthening to the footings and columns are near completion. Post tension slabs can start shortly.

Water retention tanks are structurally completed.



Update May 2017

Work has progressed, with the majority of focus being on Blocks A & B.

As requested by Best Western, there will be additional works to vastly improve the look of the rooms. The hotel will be upgraded to a Best Western Prime hotel.

We have also had Thai New Year. This festival sees many workers on holiday for around 7 days.

The furniture works upgrades to each of the rooms has already begun.

Regarding the external areas, the underground car parking and office areas are near completion.

The pool area is also near completion.

Room defects work is in progress and will be completed very soon.

The internal works for blocks C & D, including tiling and built-in furniture, are in progress.

Next week, the kitchen installation works begin.

Blocks A & B

Blocks C & D

Retention Pond


Update April 2017

Progress at The Beachfront to all areas up to this stage is as follows:

Blocks A and B are moving into the real finishing stages.

Blocks C and D are coming along nicely.

Lobby works are ongoing. There was a minor disruption caused by a materials delivery delay.

For Block F, the structural works are ongoing. The lower columns are poured. We are now waiting on the post-tension team to organize and plan when to begin post-tension works for the structures.

For the Clubhouse, the sheet piling is completed. Structural works are ongoing.

The Beachfront by night.

Update March 2017

Update March 2017

With the weather in our favor and the main contractor adding extra labor to work on the exterior and external areas of the project, all work for all areas is progressing well.

Most of the internal works are completed for Blocks A & B, with just some furniture works for the lower levels to be completed. Works are now consisting mainly of testing and commissioning to the electrical, plumbing, AC and lifts. We are also concentrating on the room-by-room defects to both internal and external areas.

Once the external scaffold is taken down to the pool areas, the pool can be filled with water, commissioned, and will be ready for use.

This final process is very important for the final handover.

Remaining works for Blocks C & D are internal works, such as the installation of the toilets, sinks and bathroom fittings, as well as electrical works and AC installation to the upper floors. Painting works will follow.

There are also final structural works to the stairs required.

To the lower floors, there are ceiling works, tiling, and installation of external doors and windows, as well as internal doors to complete.

Ceilings and tiling work for corridors in both blocks will start shortly.

Glass for the terraces and external works to both blocks are near completion.

The external skim coat (fine coat plaster) and painting are ongoing.

For the pool, the blockwork, dividing walls, concrete works (including plumbing and waterproofing to floors and walls) continues.

Wastewater tank structural works are ongoing.

Road works will commence shortly.

For the lobby, internal, ceiling, tiling, and electrical works are set to be completed. Externally, the sand wash
rendering, and painting of stairways, as well as road leveling and landscaping works, are proceeding.

Update February 2017

Block F

We’re very pleased to announce we’ve finally cut through all the red tape. Construction works are now ongoing with the structural works, and the clearing and moving of the offices and survey teams doing all the re-setting out.

Steel fixing to the columns is underway and looking good

Next will be formworks to the columns and the pouring of the concrete. This will lead to the 1st-floor slab, which will be a post-tension slab, a faster form of construction with fewer beams allowing for a greater area. You will see this in the upcoming updates from the photos we will issue.

Progress is continuing to both Blocks A & B, and C & D as well as the lobby, with great progress to the external areas now the prolonged rains seem to be finally over.

For Blocks C & D, ongoing work consists of mainly the electrical installations to each floor, AC, sanitary ware, and granite counter installations to the bathrooms. Work also includes floor tiling, wall painting, and installing entry doors. The kitchen installation will begin soon.

Blocks A & B see the finishing off of the furniture works, with testing, commissioning, and the defects works commencing. External wall painting, screening, and sand wash to the terrace area are also in need of completion.

The lobby ceiling, upper floor, and walls are complete. Work is progressing to the lower floor and outside areas.

The road and landscaping works will start soon.

Update January 2017

Blocks A & B

Internal works are getting closer to completion. Kitchens are 95% complete for both blocks. Built-in furniture is moving on.

For the external areas, painting is now virtually complete. Screening will begin in the next week or so.

Blocks C & D

Works are progressing to the internal areas of the upper floors. The electrical works, ceilings, and floor and wall tiling to the rooms are complete.

For the lower floors the electrical, ceiling, floor and wall tiling is well underway.

External wall painting, doors, and window installation, as well as external tiling to the corridors and plumbing and electrical works, are in progress.

The Beachfront: Progress Updates 2017

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