The Beachfront: Update for December 2018

Block B

For extra safety, we are adding a corridor railing wall. This will also serve as a barrier against heavy rains, protecting both guests and corridors.

These extra precautions will provide a better standard for all.

This work will also be completed for blocks D & F.

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Blocks C & D

For blocks C & D, further testing and improvements are underway.

All is going well.

Works to the basement, back-of-house, and gym are ongoing.

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Car Park

We have acquired the land opposite block B. This will be used for staff parking, a bonus for the project.

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Block F

Block F continues to forge ahead. The only remaining furniture works are the beds and the completion of the wardrobes. Kitchens are also progressing well.

After completion of the built-in works, the main contractor will come in and finalize it.

Connection works for water, air, electric and other systems are ongoing.

In the basement, the kitchen area is close to completion.

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X Suites

The X Suites are moving ahead. We are beginning to install furniture and kitchens, as well as the external and pool works.

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The Villa is at the same stage as the X Suites. Furniture and kitchen work will be programmed for the same schedule and completion time.

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Update October 2018

With great improvement in the weather, the hotel engineers working with the blue horizon engineers, and the building team from the contractors, it’s GO GO GO!

Blocks C & D

Blocks C & D are all but done. We are rechecking what needs to be done to complete the final commissioning works.

We are also redesigning the landscape works. This will begin shortly, but there’s not a great deal to do.

There are also minor works to the terrace pool area, which will be completed shortly.

The back-of-house and gym are progressing well.

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Block F

Block F is seeing well-coordinated progress. All works are progressing well.

The main works remaining are the installation of the furniture and kitchens. You can see from the photos below how well the works are progressing, room by room, floor by floor.

In the basement area, the kitchen works are being commissioned, currently expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

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The works on the Villas are also progressing. Door and window installations will be completed after the X Suites.

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X Suites

The works to the X Suites are not as quick as the blocks but are progressing. The door and external window installation has begun.

Works are ongoing.

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The Clubhouse design is still in process. It will look great when done.

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The Beachfront Phuket Oct, Nov, & Dec 2018

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