The Beachfront: Update for January, February, and March 2018

Blocks C & D

Now in the final of the construction stages, with making good and cleaning the rooms underway. Preparation for the arrival of the furniture for the rooms has begun.

The cleaning process is now underway with painting touch-up and making good to ceilings, walls, floors, and stairs underway for the corridors.

Work to the pools is ongoing. It will be not long before the pools can be filled and tested.

The final stages for electrical and water testing and commissioning are in process and expected to be completed shortly.

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Block F

Works are really progressing well now. All floors are complete with the Q-Con panel walling and for the first 2 floors, the electrical and plumbing are virtually complete. Upper floors are progressing very well, as is the skim coating to the walls.

Most of the works are being concentrated on the internal room areas.

Works to the corridors are MEP, first-fix electrical and plumbing, with conduits and piping to ceilings and shafts.

First-fix works for the air-conditioning are also ongoing.

Stairwell concreting is complete.

Overall, the works are proceeding to schedule.

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X Suites

Structural works to the main buildings and the swimming pools are complete.

Piping for the first-fix for the plumbing to the main house and pools is getting done.

Blockwork has also begun and is ongoing.

Overall progress is good.

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Structural works to the new villas are complete. Q-Con walling is ongoing.

The steel roof structure has been placed, as well as the OSB boarding.

The Canadian timber shingle roof has been installed.

Other works ongoing to the new build are the electrical work and plumbing. This will be followed by AC piping.

For the existing villas, the redesign works are ongoing, not too far from completion.

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Blockwork is completed.

Most of the internal and external wall rendering will be finished soon.

The electrical system installation is ongoing.

Ceilings, tiling, and external doors will follow.

Works are progressing.

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Update February 2018

There’s good weather during the day, rain and cooling weather in the evenings, allowing for good progress.

Here is the update for the Beachfront project for February 2018.

Owners have been invited to inspect properties from mid-April onwards.

Blocks C & D

The ongoing works to C & D are now in the final stages.

Rooms are getting done, with furniture works nearly completed.

The main contractor is now doing the making good, as well as the testing the air-conditioning,

Water and electrical works over the next two months will see the fridges and bedding installed, with a final clean up and the testing of the swimming pool.

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Block F

The works to Block F are moving at a rapid pace due to using our fast-track methods of pre-cast concreting and Q-con wall panels which have excellent soundproofing and fire protection qualities.

Now all floors are having the panels installed.

Plumbing, AC, and electrical works are ongoing.

Shortly the ceiling framing will begin for the fixing of the ceilings to the units.

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X Suites

Structural works are well underway, with the footings, ground slabs, columns and beams in process.

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The new villa being built is progressing well, with the structural and blockwork in progress.

Plumbing works are also underway.

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Blockwork is near completion.

Plumbing and electrical works are moving on.

Rendering is also in process.

All areas of construction are progressing as we would wish.

We’re looking forward to the completion of all the works.

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Update January 2018

Blocks C & D

Furniture works are ongoing, room-by-room. Block D is progressing slightly faster than Block C.

As the furniture works are being completed the painting and making good is following behind.

For the MEP works (plumbing, electrical, AC, and lifts), these are all in progress and coordinated by the main contractors and MEP engineers from Blue Horizon.

Commissioning and testing processes are ongoing.

External works:

The external areas are receiving the final coats of paint.

Pool tiling and granite pool works are ongoing.

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Block F

The sub-structure is fully complete.

Only the 4th flight of stairs needs to be fixed and poured. This will be completed very shortly.

The first-fix plumbing, including all waste and main supply pipes, is underway.

The Q-Con lightweight wall panels are now up to the 3rd floor.

Works to Block F are really moving using this fast-track construction method.

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Construction & structural works are nearly completed.

Plumbing piping is in progress.

Blockwork walls are ongoing.

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Structural works are now complete.

Plumbing piping and electrical first fix conduits are being installed.

Blockwork is progressing well.

Setting out and rendering is also underway.

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The Beachfront: Update January, February, and March 2018

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