The Beachfront: Update for March 2019

Blocks A & B

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We are in the process of installing AC covers. We decided they look better aesthetically.

All other works are now completed.

Blocks C & D

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We are also installing AC covers to blocks C & D to make the corridors more pleasing to the eye. Some minor work and improvements are ongoing.

All major works are completed.

Block F

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Block F will also see AC covers fitted. Work will be starting shortly.

As you can see by the photos, block F is very close to completion. Only built-in-furniture works remain. Once this completes we’ll follow up with the making good process.

Commissioning is ongoing. Works to block F should be completed by mid-April.

X Suites

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Restaurant works are on schedule to be completed according to the timeline agreed with the contractors.

The contractors are doing all they can, working overtime every day to ensure they will complete these works in line with the completion of other works currently in process.

Ceiling work is ongoing. All electrical and AC work is now complete.

Serving counters, and egg station concrete shelving is also complete. Wall and floor tiling will be completed in the next 10 days. Furniture being made off-site and will be ready to install when the painting and interior works are completed. The expected timeline for this is 3 weeks.

The main kitchen is now complete, with commissioning, testing and cooking food expected to be completed in the next 2 weeks.


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The works to the X Suites are not as quick as we would like, but we are still on target to complete on time for our cited opening period.

Once again, all furniture is being made off-site to expedite. When building works are complete, the furniture will be shipped in.


The work to the clubhouse with the super new design is coming along.

Update for February 2019

Hello to everyone!

With the great efforts of the Blue Horizon team and Best Western staff in full swing to get the hotel up and running, we are finalizing works to the main back-of-house areas. These are now being set up. The amazing main kitchen is also in the final prep stages.

However, the main restaurant and gym are still ongoing. Both areas are expected to be completed by next month.

The last-minute design changes to the clubhouse are also being put into action.

The X Suites are getting there, as well as the Villa.

Please bear with us, we are nearly there, and to those in Phuket, we hope you enjoy this wonderful time of year with amazing weather and the beautiful colors of the oceans that surround our exquisite island.

Blocks C & D

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Block F

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X Suites

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Update January 2019

We’re getting closer and closer to completion and opening.

We are nearly there.

Blocks A & B

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Blocks A & B are totally complete.

Blocks C & D

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Blocks C & D are almost complete. Only the basement, back-of-house works (including the offices and gymnasium), and some cleaning up remains.

Block F

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The furniture and kitchen works are now complete, with only the electrical lighting installation and then some making good of the internal works to be done.

To the external area of Block F, the screening will be fixed into place prior to the final touch-ups and making good.

The basement kitchen works are also very near to completion. Commissioning and serving ongoing with the Best Western GM and staff working all areas for some time now.

Building Car Park

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Staff parking area.

Building Villa

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For the Villa and X Suites, furniture works are being completed off-site. While we wait for furniture, the exterior finishing is ongoing.

X Suites

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The Beachfront Phuket January, February, and March 2019

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