The Beachfront: Update for September 2018

Blocks C & D

Works are so very near to completion now, with phase 2 of the furniture being fitted; sofas, bed mattresses, curtains, and loose kitchen equipment. We are in the final stages of the touching up and making good.

For Block D, there is a corridor safety wall to be built on each level. This is ongoing, starting at the lower levels.

For the pool terrace area, there is some decking to be installed. This will happen late next month.

In the basement, the back of the house and fitness center works are ongoing.

Block F

Block F is moving on very nicely. Well-coordinated works are paying off with much faster progress.

We have the furniture teams working from the lower floors up.

The electrician and plumbing teams are working above them.

Balcony glassworks are coming together nicely.

Kitchens will start next week after being coordinated with the furniture works.

The basement kitchen works are also proceeding well and will be commissioned shortly.


The villas are not as moving as we would like but ongoing progress will ensure completion.

Furniture works are ongoing.

X Suites

Ceilings installed.

Ceilings and walls being painted.

Plunge pool tiling is complete.

Update August 2018

Blocks C & D

Except for some final tuning and making good, everything is done for block C.

There are some rectification works ongoing to the corridors, and some final making good.

For the exterior for block C facing the swimming pool, we are designing a screen or similar to improve the look of the block.

Basement works are still ongoing. We can confirm a completion date in the near future.

Block F

Block F is still 6 weeks behind but is now moving at a good pace.

Terrace doors and windows are being installed.

Internal glass doors and dividers are near completion.

Furniture and kitchens are all manufactured and are the next thing to go ahead, as tiling, painting, and sanitary wares are all so close to completion.

AC fan coil units are also near completion.

All is looking good at block F.

X Suites

Works are progressing, but not as quickly as block F.

Be reminded that these units do not entail as much work as block F, and now the ceiling, wall works, and tiling are ongoing, though a bit behind schedule, we believe we can make up for the lost time.


The works to the villas are not far from completion.

Ceilings, and flooring works are done. Once the kitchen and furniture works are done, it’s not too far from completion.

The pool has been tiled and is being tested.


We are finally getting there with the design.

Works are expected to be started soon. Most of the works will be prompt.

Furniture and fittings have all been ordered.

Update July 2018

Blocks C & D

We are still making good to some areas, and just commissioning and cleaning areas and working with the hotel GM and teams to make sure we are all on the same page. Everything is working well.

The hotel has also written up a list of works that need to be done, all of which improve the rooms and the external areas.

Works to the basement areas are not yet complete but are moving on. Progress is being made.

Block F

Block F is moving on well. All trades are being coordinated to ensure the most progress possible.

Works ongoing are MEP, ceilings to corridors, tiling, painting, installation of sanitary wares, remaining block works to the external walls, and rendering. Two floors are complete and ready for external doors and windows.

Furniture works are handled off-site. The installation will begin later next month.


Works are ongoing on par with the X suites, with ceilings and tiling as well as painting underway.

The next step will be the furniture works.

X Suites

Ceilings are installed.

MEP and tiling works have begun.

External door frames have been installed.


Still at the final design stage.

The Beachfront: Update July, August, and September 2018

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