Update June 2018

Blocks C & D

The rooms are as good as complete for both blocks. We’re now finishing the final touches and some final alterations as most owners have seen or sent client representatives to inspect and sign over the rooms.

There’s very little ongoing work, just cleaning, commissioning and testing. There are however ongoing works to the basement areas.

Block F

The majority of the work is concentrated on block F. Each floor is ongoing, with outstanding works being completed floor by floor.

1st floor
Ceilings, painting, tiling, installing sanitary.

2nd floor
As 1st floor.

3rd floor
Tiling for bathrooms, ceilings, corridors, outside terraces.

4th floor
Installing sanitary. Tiling ceilings and corridors.


External render and paint. Roof waterproofing.

Elevation facing beach; plumbing and electrical works ongoing.

Once the ceilings are completed the tiling will begin.

External doors and windows will then be installed.


Waiting on final design design confirmation before work can commence.


Villa 1 is almost complete.

Villa 2 walls have been rendered and skim-coat plastered.

The ceiling framing and ceilings are being installed.

The exterior of the building is being skim-coated to give a smooth finish.

Update May 2018

Block C & D

Both blocks are very close to completion now. Only the final cleaning and final finishing touch’s to the units remain before we can start to have bedding and soft furniture in place to complete the rooms.

There is some final making good to the corridors and external areas to be done. Also, the terraces and the making good process for the pools. Then it’s a matter of the completion to the basement parking and fitness gym.

Block F

This block is moving very well and on time for completion with all but the 4th floor yet to be done. All other rooms & other floors are being tiled. The ceilings and walls painting progress is good.

The 4th floor is not far behind the rest of the block.

Next month will see the installation of the kitchens and the built-in furniture.

The corridors are in the final stages of all the water piping works, electricity and AC. Ceiling works to begin shortly.

The final build stage of the external walls is underway. Will be followed by rendering.


Clubhouse design agreed by all parties. Work is now full-steam ahead for  electrical, plumbing and AC first fix.

This will be followed by ceiling and floor tiling.


The first villa is almost completed, just requires the final touches and good cleaning, making good and commissioning.

Ceilings are being installed for Villa A.

Internal walls are rendered and painted. Tiling works to begin.

X Suites

Plumbing and electrical works are nearly complete.

Rendering works have begun.

There’s some catching up to do so the contractor has added an extra 40 people to expedite the process.

We are monitoring all works. Our team of Architects, Engineers and Site Supervisors are working very closely with the main contractors to keep the work on pace while still ensuring quality of work.

Update April 2018

Blocks C & D

The construction works for the internal rooms are complete, with snagging works and the installing of the furniture, as well as loose fittings.

Curtains are still in process.

There are some ongoing works to the corridors, external areas, and basements which are expected to be completed in the near future.

Block F

Block F is still moving on very well with ceilings and pipe work almost completed for each level.

Tiling of walls and floors for the lower levels remains.

After the Songkran period the contractor will add more labor to push the block on further.

By May we will be preparing for the start of the kitchen installations.


The villas are progressing well with one of the Villas near completion, and the other with walls built and the roof covering on.

The electrical conduits are now being positioned.

Wall rendering is ongoing.


The final upgraded design will be completed very soon.

Works for plumbing and electrical have been finalized, commenced, and first fix has been completed.


The Q-Con wall panels are being installed. These are far superior to standard block, with excellent sound and heat proofing qualities. This work will be followed by chasing out for the electrical plugs and switches, and then the rendering.

The Beach Front: April, May, and June 2018

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