The Beach Front: Updates For April 2019


Construction Update : 25 April 2019

Main construction work is complete. There are only some of minor works left before the hotel opens next month.

Blocks A & B

A & B buildings – The entrance lobby for both buildings are now completed with sand wash finishing. The gate to the building is now being plastered. Roof work will commence shortly.

Restaurant Building F

Above are 3D rendered pictures. Below are the actual on-site images.

Building F (Restaurant) – Restaurant lighting installation has started. Tempered glass has been installed at the entrance at the front of restaurant. Roof work installation in the front of the restaurant has started.

Beach Bar/Club house

Clubhouse – This week the furniture and interior decoration has started at the beach bar (clubhouse). They started to install the wood panel for the wall.

Update for Week of April 11

Blocks A & B

Both blocks now have lobby entrance works underway.

The wall is cut for the main gate from behind the lobby.

The sand-wash for building walk-way is complete.


Above are the 3D rendered pictures. Below are the real pictures on-site.

The lobby renovation now finished. The wall, lighting, and ceiling are now fully installed.

There are some additional decorations to be added to the lobby after handover from the contractor.

Restaurant Block F

Above are the 3D rendered pictures. Below are the real pictures on-site.

The decorative wood ceiling has been installed.

Wall decoration is finished.

Some touch-up work on the ceiling and the counter still required.

Beach Bar/Clubhouse

Clubhouse – Plastering and ceiling installation now finished.

Restaurant glass panel now installed.

The Signature Villas

Signature Plot 11


Blocks A & B now have lobby entrance to both buildings.


Decorative wall panels have been installed.

Marble floor has been replaced.

Clubhouse / Bar

Block work for the bar counter, and the panel for flower pot installation underway.

The Beach Front: Updates April 2019

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