The Beachfront Hotel in Phuket, developed by one of the leading real estate developers in Thailand Blue Horizon Developments, has been taking strict measures to increase travelers’ safety.

Claude Baltes, the hotel’s General Manager points out that “at The Beachfront Hotel, we have always practiced high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic we have now taken our commitment to travelers’ safety up a notch”.

The Beachfront Hotel has recently received the COVID-READY Certificate by Hotel Resilient, the world’s only scientific benchmarking and certification body for disaster risk management and climate change adaptation of hotels and resorts. The certification is based on the verification of key documents and is awarded to hotels and resorts that pass with a promising score of 80% or above.

“After being certified COVID-READY, we now have peace of mind knowing that our hard work and efforts have essentially been a step in the right direction,” said Baltes. “We are confident that we can provide a high level of safety our guests deserve.”

With the following guidelines in place, our hotel welcomes you with a clean and safe environment:

1. Enhanced cleanliness and hygiene level

In order to prevent contact infection, all hotel surfaces in the public areas (elevator buttons, furniture, etc’) and guest rooms, as well as room items (TV remote control, telephone, tablet, hairdryer, hangers, furniture, doors and doorknobs, windows, bathroom, lighting switches, and any high-touch points) are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

2. Hand sanitizing stations

To increase personal hygiene, there are plenty of hand sanitizing stations around the hotel, and by each surface that is frequently touched (buttons, front desk, etc).

3. Protective barriers and masks

Clear protective barriers are placed in between guests and staff at the front desk to prevent droplet infection. All staff is required to wear face masks or face shields and plastic gloves to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees.

4. Social distancing

For the guests, social distancing is maintained at all public spaces (the lobby, restaurant, bar, pools, gym, dining room, etc’.)
Staff is instructed on maintaining social distancing between them and guests

5. Maintaining adequate air circulation

All public spaces (such as the restaurant etc’), and guest rooms are frequently ventilated.

6. Quick and accurate health screening for staff and guests

All guests and staff are asked to complete health check forms and undergo a temperature check upon entering the hotel. We request your kind cooperation to ensure the safety of everyone.

Covid 19 Safety Measures for a Healthy Stay

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